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Whatsgoodly is a millennial-era solution for consumer insights.

Our Mission

Whatsgoodly is about measuring what people think. You probably think that your followers and users/consumers (if you're a business) are your most reliable source of feedback. And that's true! But they're also the worst source of feedback you could have — they already know you.

Breaking out of your echo chamber and learning about the outsiders is the only way to grow your influence. With Whatsgoodly, anyone can do this, continuously tracking changes in public opinion. We specialize in surveying your on-the-fence consumers, or in political contexts, your "swing voters." Why does that matter?

People constantly change their minds; the rapidly fluctuating polls from the 2016 US Presidential Election showed that public opinion is more volatile and unpredictable than ever. It may sound obvious, because it is: your swing voters matter. But unlike one-off surveys run via email or telephone campaigns, a survey on Whatsgoodly can track changing sentiment over time, summarizing the daily, weekly, or monthly changes and alerting you where needed.

Opinions are not timeless, so questions shouldn't be either.

The importance of public opinion is nowhere as pronounced as it is among the largest generation in history: millennials. Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are different. They reject the notion that one-size-fits-all and they crave authentic and cool interactions with brands and public figures. Fortunately for corporate America, listening to them pays off. How does it pay off?

In the last 15 years, 52% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared. Big business is running out of favor because it isn't adapting to millennials. Budweiser, for example, sold one out of every four beers consumed in America. Now, it's only one in 12.

Gathering honest public opinion is all that's needed. National Beverage, for example, wanted to create a new beverage brand in 2002 called La Croix. They nearly went with a minimalist design for its packaging; but polls later showed that a colorful and wacky 90s style was preferred among consumers. This decision turned La Croix into a pop culture icon. The company quadrupled its sales between 2010 and 2015.

Public opinion matters.

Before Whatsgoodly, survey projects were hard to assemble and even harder to distribute. Respondents didn't care what they said or what the results would be. People ran surveys only after the conclusion was generally known. So we sought to change all this and build the drop-dead easiest way to gather and search for opinions. Where did we come from?

Whatsgoodly was born out of a campus controversy at Stanford University in early 2015 that had media outlets at a loss for how the student body truly felt. Frustrated with the inability to engage students on the issue, we set out to carefully design and build custom, mobile-first products to gather opinions. The respondent's experience is the most important for us. Users connect to their school or community, and within those communities, they anonymously poll each other and engage in open, honest dialogue without fear of backlash.

Whatsgoodly is about understanding how your entire community feels; itโ€™s about empowering the moderates to be heard over the fringes who yell the loudest. That's our mission.

Our Products

Whatsgoodly — for College Students and Millennials

Our mobile apps let you anonymously gather the opinions of the people around you, with more than 80 active high schools, colleges, and communities voting over one million times a week.

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Winsights — for Consumer Insights

Winsights allows you to listen to, survey, and track millennials and Gen-Z with unparalleled speed and precision. Accurately and constinuously assess the convertibility of your on-the-fence consumers. Contact us below for a customized demo, or check out our public demo tracking Donald Trump's presidency:

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