What is Whatsgoodly?

Whatsgoodly is a new polling company for millennials. We build an anonymous, location-based social-polling application that allows users to find out how those around them truly think and feel. Our goal is to provide users with both a fun means of interacting with their local community and a medium through which people can discuss the most sensitive, important issues.

Can I post anything I want on Whatsgoodly?

Well, not exactly. While we encourage our users to speak openly on Whatsgoodly, we do not tolerate threatening, offensive, or spam posts. You may be suspended for breaking the app's rules, and we will cooperate with local authorities in the event of a threat or valid emergency.

What are the rules of the app?

Our rules are listed on the Rules & Info section of the app, which can be found on the Settings page. For more details read our Terms & Conditions.

If a post violates Whatsgoodly’s rules, can I get it taken down?

Absolutely — just contact us through the app and let us know both what the post says and its location. Additionally, every poll and comment that is reported through the app will be evaluated by our team.

Why can’t I download Whatsgoodly on my phone?

You must have iOS 7 and up or Android 4.0 and up to download Whatsgoodly.

Do you have an Android application?

Yup — currently available for download on the Google Play Store!

Can I obtain the user information for a specific post?

Legally we are able to respond to requests for user account information that are received from a law enforcement agency pursuant to appropriate legal process (i.e., a properly issued warrant, court order, or subpoena).


Good catch! Contact us at support [at] whatsgoodly [dot] com!


Contact us at support [at] whatsgoodly [dot] com!